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“Thank you, Barbara L. Mix, for another wonderful tax prep experience! You are the BEST EVER and my saving account thanks you even more!” -Maci Church Jerry

"Barbara has been taking care of my family’s taxes for the last 5 years. Highly recommended and we LOVE her." -Don T. Meixsell 

“Barbara is one of the most professional easy to work with tax reps I’ve ever had! Thank you so much for all your help!” -Amanda Scruggs

“Barbara Mix is a terrific tax gal. I have been doing my own taxes via TurboTax for years - but not any more. Not only is Barbara extremely easy and pleasant to work with, but also she is a rainmaker! She did an excellent and timely job with my tax return this year and got me a much larger return than I would have. She also found money in prior years' tax returns that we were able to re-file and claim. I would highly recommend Barbara to anyone who needs or is thinking about hiring a tax guy/gal.” April W., review from